NCF Group Received "Best Financial Technology Innovation Award"


  On June 2nd, the China Finance Innovation Forum and the “China Finance Innovation Award 2018” Award Ceremony jointly hosted by “The Chinese Banker” magazine, the Wealth Management Research Center of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Institute of Internet Economy of the Central University of Finance and Economics were held in Beijing. With the innovative practice and leading advantages in the field of financial technologies, NCF Group won the "Best Financial Technology Innovation Award". Sheng Jia, CEO of NCF Group, was invited to attend this forum and delivered a keynote speech, sharing innovative products and staged achievements in serving the entity economy.

  Focus on "Technologies Aid Finance to Serve Entity Economy" in the in the first half of the day, participants of the China Finance Innovation Forum 2018 discussed the current hot issues such as “Technological Innovation Fuels 'Quality Revolution' of finance" and “Technological Innovation Fuels Development of Universal Finance”. Wang Songqi, editor-in-chief of The Chinese Banker magazine, presided over the forum and delivered an address.

  Sheng Songcheng, Advisor of the People's Bank of China and former Head of Financial Survey and Statistics Department, He Dexu, Head of the Financial Strategy Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zhang Qingsong, Vice President of the Bank of China, Mou Naimi, Chief Operating Officer of China Construction Bank, Yan Min, Vice President of Tencent Payment Infrastructure Platform and Financial Application Line, Lou Heng, Director of Ant Financial Cloud of Ant Financial, Sheng Jia, CEO of NCF Group and Chairman of Fengshou Technology Co,.Ltd, and Tang Bin, Founder and CEO of YeePay Co., Ltd., attended the forum and made keynote speeches on hot topics such as how to apply financial technologies to better serve the entity economy.

  On the forum, as the representative of the financial technology companies, Sheng Jia, CEO of NCF Group and Chairman of Fengshou Technology Co,. Ltd, delivered a speech themed “New Opportunities for Financial Technological Innovation and Supply Chain Finance”. When speaking of the relationship between financial technologies and entity economy, he said: "serving the entity economy better is not only an important trend but also a major premise for the development of financial technologies."The purpose of financial technological innovation is to serve the real economy, while an important role of financial technologies is to help SMEs to enhance their market competitiveness with technologies and financial instruments.

Sheng Jia, CEO of NCF Group and Chairman of Fengshou Technology Co,. Ltd

  Combining data analysis, Sheng Jia described the financial technology service model of effectively improving the financing environment for SMEs in China and solve their financing problems with innovative technologies such as big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and shared achievements of technologies fueling entity economy and innovation serving universal finance, which received extensive attention of the industry.

  Relying on the technological strength and driven by innovation, NCF Group continues to make efforts in the research, development and application of innovative technologies to improve the technological elements in serving the entity economy and providing technological support for universal finance. After steady development over the past five years, NCF Group has implemented multiple application scenarios of financial technologies with more than 60 million online users, reaching a certain size. At the "China Finance Innovation Awards 2018" award ceremony held on the same day, NCF Group won the "Best Financial Technology Innovation Award" together with other leading finical technology companies such as Ant Financial, Tencent and Jingdong Finance.

  As a comprehensive financial technology service group, NCF Group has continued to explore the application of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in more scenarios based on technological advantages driven by innovation in recent years. This “Best Financial Technology Innovation Award” is to recognize NCF's innovative practice and leading advantage in financial technologies, which is a great encouragement for the phased results of NCF serving the entity economy with innovative technologies.

  Du Jun (second from the right), the Chief Brand Officer of NCF Group, attended the ceremony and received the “Best Financial Technology Innovation Award”

  At the ceremony, with its empowerment of the technological products in the “Fengshou E-Chain” supply chain to the finance and the innovation performance, Fengshou Technology received the “Top 10 Financial Technology Product Innovation Award” together with Ant Financial, Jingdong Finance, Tencent, CIB FINTECH, YeePay and other financial technology companies.

Fengshou Technology won the “Top 10 Financial Technology Innovation Award”

  In recent years, with the in-deep integration of information technologies and finance, financial technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and cloud computing are changing the modes and efficiency of financial services and reshaping the financial industry ecosystem. Based on entity economy, Fengshou Technology, with core companies and B2B platforms as the starting point, creates the Fengshou E-chain supply chain technology products timely. It is reported that the Fengshou E-chain is an open and diversified leading supply chain product developed by Fengshou Technology based on the "Technology + Industry + Finance" scenario. By laying out the smart production and finance ecological chain and based on the accumulation of big data, Fengshou E-chain fully taps industrial resources and transaction scenarios and embeds technological strength into them, so as to promote the upgrade of the industrial chain by means of financial technologies to improve the financial chain.