“NCFG - The World is Listening” was successfully held


 On December 26, “NCFG - The World is Listening” public welfare concert for cross-strait cultural exchanges, was successfully held in Dalian People's Culture Club. Damaluan Art Troupe from the Bunun people, Ancient Ballad Chorus of Taiwu Primary School from Paiwan people, and Ara Kimbo, known as the father of Taiwan folk songs, brought Dalian people an audio-visual feast with Taiwan ethnic minority characteristics.

  Unlike previous commercial performances held in Dalian, this concert gained no business revenue; instead, it was a public welfare undertaking, designed to connect and promote cross-strait cultural exchanges and to protect Chinese traditional culture, with overall cost raised through crowdfunding. Summoned by NCF Group, the non-profit channel of zhongchou.com and the non-profit object of firstp2p.com launched the public welfare concert project and received support from 1092 people, raising enough funds for the concert.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  Wei Nini, host of Dalian TV

  As an initiator of “The World is Listening”, Wei Nini, host of Dalian TV, participated in the whole process of the project from its planning, to launching, and to holding. She expressed her admiration that upon coming into contact with crowdfunding she felt its powerful force. It not only helped raise the funds, which previously was a concern, but also, through the word-of-mouth propagation effects of crowdfunding, received many other non-cash support, such as accommodation and catering, from over 30 enterprises. “I hope to make more such public welfare attempts in the future.” said Wei Nini.

  The sound of nature delivers the cross-strait affection

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  Ara Kimbo, the father of Taiwan folk songs: the grey-haired singing Taiwan’s song of sorrow

  When Ara Kimbo, “the father of Taiwan folk songs”, sat in front of the piano and slowly began to sing the sentimental song “Rush”, the hearts of audience were deeply touched. With a voice that is still vigorous and intoxicating, and the same simple piano accompaniment, Ara Kimbo entrusted the joys and sorrows, the love and hatred to the sky, mountains, rivers and streams, speaking of homesickness with his own experience of the vicissitudes.

  “Dalian TV and the NCF Group have done a very meaningful thing that enabled me to bring minority cultures of Taiwan to the Mainland people,” said Ara Kimbo. He said he wished to become a singer who could sing the cultural connotation on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. He also expressed the hope to pass down the music left by our ancestors to generations to come. “I hope I can visit more cities in the mainland, so that more people could hear the music with Taiwan cultural deposits.”

  After releasing his first album “Rush” in 2005, Ara Kimbo became gradually known by the mainland fans. “For us on this side of the Strait, Ara Kimbo has always been a legend, and only when we are exposed to on-site atmosphere can we fully appreciate his charming voice and unique melody telling the moving stories. The whole show was great!” The audience spoke highly of Ara Kimbo’s performance.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  Ancient Ballad Chorus of Taiwu Primary School: the pure sound of nature

  Together with their teacher Chamakh, the 13 children in Ancient Ballad Chorus of Taiwu Primary School coming from Taiwu and Jiaxing tribes, have returned to chant their own songs before the waterfall after traditional songs had disappeared for six decades. Angelic voices and the love for singing have evoked the tribes’ long for ancient times. Their songs traversed time and space and echoed in the sky of Dalian.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  Damaluan Art Troupe: the call of nature

  “When I heard the Pasibutbut, it felt like my limbs and bones would simply loosen and crack, the pore opened and closed along with the ups and downs of the tone, and hair roots erected and prostrated following the rhythm; I was full of excitement, and it felt as if my flesh fluttered and my soul could no longer be attached to the body. One experience as such is unforgettable enough to last lifelong,” the audience had endless aftertastes for the Bunun performance.

  In Bunun culture, Pasibutbut was sung by the priest to pray for the millet harvest. At the beginning of the performance, singers chanted slowly and gently on the dark stage, then the sound became loud and sonorous, hovering and echoing, as if the whole space of the stadium were resonating and shaking with it, continuously probing into the depth of the audience’ soul.

  Fulfill the dream though crowdfunding -- The World is Listening

  Unlike previous commercial performances held in Dalian, the fund of “NCFG -- The World is Listening” public welfare concert for cross-strait cultural exchanges was raised through crowdfunding. The concert project was launched on November 16 on the non-profit channel of zhongchou.com and in 18 days the needed fund was raised.

  In addition to the non-profit channel of zhongchou.com, NCF Group, who attaches great importance to public welfare undertakings, made full use of its ecological advantages of “finance + Internet + lifestyle”, while its subsidiary firstp2p.com launched a public welfare object, connecting the financing users who have a caring heart with public welfare undertakings and gathering strength for the quick raising of the fund.

  In addition to financial support, the word-of-mouth effect of crowdfunding also came as a surprise for Wei Nini, the initiator of the project. “Some companies in Dalian heard of the crowdfunding project on zhongchou.com and contacted me for offering actors’ hotel accommodation or other assistance,” she said. Ultimately, the concert received support from more than 30 companies and many individuals, including People’s Cultural Club, UCF Payment, www.9888.cn, Yinghua Wealth, Dalian Loans, Chailease Holding, United Venture Guarantee Group , Shancang Water, AAyongche, Parkland Bay, and Pavilion shopping mall.

  “The concert was successfully held thanks to the unconditional trust and support of so many caring people and businesses,” talking about crowdfunding, Wei Nini was filled with gratitude. “Crowdfunding is an effective way for dissemination of the concept of public welfare undertakings, which will enable more people to know about it and take part in it, thus the love of the whole society can be delivered to people and projects in need of help.

  Undertake responsibility and work hard for public welfare undertakings

  NCF Group and member companies gave full support to and actively participated in “ NCFG -- The World is Listening” public welfare concert for cross-strait cultural exchanges, which not only gave us the chance to enjoy the beautiful music of aboriginal Taiwan people, but also allow us to feel the responsibility and feelings of NCF Group on its way of corporate philanthropy.

  Looking back on the “NCF Group’s Road of Corporate Philanthropy”, one can see that it is filled with warmth by people joining hands: in 2014 the Group’s zhongchou.com founded non-profit crowdfunding department and set up a platform for charitable organizations to raise money and communicate public welfare concept. As of now, there have been more than 1,800 fundraising projects, raising nearly 20 million yuan with more than 100,000 people participated in. The Group’s firstp2p.com also helped charitable organizations raise funds through non-profit objects. Up to now, it has launched over 60 such objects and raised more than 700,000 yuan with over 20,000 people joined in. The Group’s Yijingrong.com also made such effort through special objects to support public welfare undertakings. In addition, in order to help with China’s poverty alleviation, NCF Group donated one million yuan in 2015 and cooperated with China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange) to explore the MOOC way of poverty alleviation through crowdfunding and e-commerce. Pilot projects have been started in Guizhou, Jiangxi, Gansu and other places. The subsidiaries also regularly organize public welfare auctions, donations and offline non-profit activities.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? zhongchou.com and firstp2p.com raise condolence payments for firefighters dead in the Tianjin Port Explosion

  Upon 812 Tianjin Port Explosion, zhongchou.com and firstp2p.com of NCF Group immediately joined China Women’s Development Foundation and launched crowdfunding to raise condolence payments, and raised more than 250,000 yuan for firefighters dead in the catastrophe. In order to help poverty-stricken area with water purification and disinfection as well as hot water facilities, zhongcou.com initiated a project called “Let Everyone Drink Healthy Water”, which received support from more than 600 people and raised a total of 200,000 yuan. In order to learn about the situations of children who had received help through non-profit objects, users and staff of firstp2p.com served as volunteers and visited the “Little Swan Public Welfare School”, to check if they were confronted with new difficulties.

  The public welfare undertakings NCF Group involved in cover a variety of fields including children, education, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, and health etc. In the future, the Group will continue to positively assume corporate responsibility and contribute to society progress. By taking advantage of the power of Internet and adhering to the new concept of “the whole people taking part in public welfare undertakings”, it’ll help the cause grow larger and stronger!