Li Huanxiang, Chairman of NCF Group: 'Remain true to the original mind and keep


What is original mind? For Monk Xuanzang who traveled thousands of miles westwards at the risk of his life, “original mind is one that stems from one’s heart and has never been altered”. It means the great perseverance to attain true sutra. For Tao Yuanming who had been misplaced in his time for 30 years, “When one is young, he/she just wants to get close to the nature”. The original mind means his wholehearted love for nature. For Qu Yuan who "didn't regret for his ideal even to die a thousand times", “My fine character is deeply rooted and will never change”. It means the unswerving patriotism for his nation.

The original mind is connected with the mission. President Xi Jinping emphasizes in the report of the 19th National Congress that we must never forget why we started, and the mission can be accomplished. Chinese communists have always worked for the well-being of Chinese people and rejuvenation of the nation. The original mind and the mission are the fundamental drive that inspires the Chinese Communists to continue to advance over time. The efforts to solve “ the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life" also come from original mind and now become the major responsibility in the new era.

For NCF Group, a company with dual genes in finance and the Internet, its original mind is the philosophy of adhering to financial service entity economy, supporting the implementation of “innovation-driven development strategy” and “accelerating the construction of an innovative country.” It is the aspiration of "technology connecting people and finance”, and creating an open ecology through technological innovation to meet the needs of different levels of financial services for both corporate and individual customers. It is also the trend of fast development in the era of digital economy, which means NCF Group will increase investment in the field of digital technology and make efforts to become a participant and promoter of deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the entity economy.

At the beginning, NCF was established relying on UCF Group’s over a decade of experience in investment and financing of SMEs and customer accumulation. Now it has created a financial  technology ecosystem that is comprehensive, efficient, open, intelligent, and shared. The organization has branches across the country and has provided services all over the world. Nearly 60 million users are provided with technical support and services in areas such as payment, blockchain, artificial intelligence, asset management, supply chain finance, etc. The NCF Group has become bigger and stronger over the years and yet it never forgets where and why it started.

No one knows what the road ahead of us will be like. However, in spite of the uncertainties, the future has been set. The year of 2018 is the beginning year for the full implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress. The new year's bell ringing contains boundless New Year's greetings for everyone, and it is also an inspiring voice for us. Standing on a new starting point, NCF Group still remains unchanged and will continue to commit itself to technological innovation and create an unlimited future for financial and life services. The new “Infinite ∞” Quarterly will also record the new thoughts and new exploration of NCF along the way, as well as the new dynamics and thinking of the financial technology industry, striving to demonstrate the  infinite possibilities of “technology connecting people and finance.”